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Look after your environment by choosing ecologically sustainable boutique accommodation

is a unique and fascinating concept, offering you the chance to stay in boutique eco-friendly accommodation and enjoy all the pleasures of sustainable life.

Built from recycled materials and earth from the surrounding area, and serving fresh produce farmed on the property,
you'll be pampered in luxury without compromise.



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Earthstead's premier villa - fully furnished and self contained.


Contemporary and quirky luxury accommodation.


Perfect for short stays, romantic getaways and corporate guests.

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Visiting Waikato? Consider booking into sustainable accommodation in Cambridge

Have you recently decided to travel to the Waikato area? Waikato offers a great place for people of all ages – with a range of activities and attractions in the area, you’ll always have something to do. From the Hamilton Zoo and the beautiful Hamilton gardens through to the Waitomo Adventures and Hamilton Museum, you don’t have to have a large budget to enjoy the local attractions in Waikato.

Once you have organised your transportation, the next step is booking in to a motel or hotel – but before you do anything, consider what type of accommodation you’re after, and what benefits you can have by expanding your accommodation budget slightly.

While your first instinct may be to Google ‘cheap accommodation in Hamilton’, ‘discount family accommodation in Hamilton’ and ‘budget accommodation in Hamilton’, remember that a cheap place doesn’t generally mean a quality place. When it comes to accommodation, you’ll get exactly what you pay for – so you can’t expect to pay under $100 per night and have a luxury accommodation experience!

Obviously, you’ll need furnished accommodation in Hamilton, but what kind of atmosphere do you want to stay in? Are you looking for accommodation that is casual, friendly and laid back? Or are you looking for more luxury accommodation with a relaxed atmosphere?

Believe it or not, there are accommodation options in Hamilton that are eco-friendly and sustainable – so for those of you who like to follow environmentally friendly practices whenever possible, consider finding accommodation in Hamilton that follows a sustainable lifestyle.   

Unfortunately, there probably won’t be hundreds and hundreds of sustainable accommodation options to choose from, as many motels and hotels prefer much cheaper options. Therefore you may have to do a bit more research into finding accommodation that is environmentally friendly – perhaps look for accommodation in smaller areas (such as eco-friendly accommodation in Cambridge).

Once you find environmentally friendly accommodation in the Waikato area, see what kind of sustainable practices they follow. These practices will often differ depending on the people who run the business, as some people have a higher budget to dedicate to environmentally friendly practices than others do.

Some sustainable motels will provide locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables for you to consume. As well as being rich in nutrients, organic, locally grown foods will cut out the expensive costs of food transportation and storage. Any organic waste is likely to be put into a compost system which will be turned into nutrient rich soil.    

Some sustainable motels have actually built their premises using sustainable methods. Using untreated and recycled materials as well as building the accommodation with an emphasis on sustainable design are both ways that will extend the life of the property – meaning it could be the same great accommodation in another 200 years’ time!

To ensure that your stay in sustainable accommodation is enjoyable and exactly what you thought it’d be, be sure to take a look online at their website before booking in. As well as viewing (or selecting) the rooms that are available to stay in, the website may also provide feedback from past guests as to how they found their stay. Feedback from previous guests can help you to establish what the business has to offer – from whether the service was friendly or not, right down to what the bed was like – it’s always an advantage to read feedback before booking in!